vortex cathedra

CD (physical – digital) – released on 18.05.22 on Bandcamp

with music by Nicolas von Ritter-Zahony, Quentin Nussbaumer, Kevin Juillerat, Gilles Grimaitre and Julien Mégroz


“vortex cathedra” is the first studio album of HYPER LA CHAISE, an absurd and festive experimental rock band – born under the impulse of HYPER DUO – which brings together five hyper-curious musician-composers thirsty for electric grooves.

Arranged in explosions of sonic and rhythmic artifice, their music has fun thwarting conventions and usual patterns and feeds as much on rock energy as on the compositional approach of contemporary music. Elegant, anarchic and witty, their music aims to transgress the boundaries of musical styles.

1. 5 et fugue – 10:13
2. ampoule – 12:03
3. here or on unearth – 14:22
4. le devin – 03:37
5. moi m’en va-t-en guerre – 06:00
6. isf – 19:28

gilles grimaitre aka siège vuille – keyboards
julien mégroz aka tabouret charles – drumset
kevin juillerat aka pouf daddy – saxophone
nicolas von ritter-zahony aka divan halen – guitar
quentin nussbaumer aka sofa coppola – bass & steeldrum

all pieces commissioned by HYPER DUO (gilles grimaitre and julien mégroz)
produced by kevin juillerat and charlie bernath
recorded and mixed by charlie bernath in studio farrago in crissier, switzerland
mastered by antoine etter in studio phonotope in renens, switzerland
photos by jennifer abessira
layout by sifon

thanks to ville de bienne, swisslos/culture canton de berne, cum grano salis and pro helvetia for their financial support
special thanks to julie politano, azra ramic, constance jaermann, elsa & romy dorbath, claire brawand, le chalet de la blécherette (rip), frédéric lordon, emmanuel macron, espace noir and mayeu. quentin says hi and special love to chloé, marie-ève, simon steensland & son edgar, and last but also least, steven spielberg & son e.t.

© & ℗ by HYPER DUO, 2022