HYPER STUCK was first a composition competition we organised during the pandemic situation of COVID-19. The winner, Alex Paxton, collaborated with us through many video-conference exchanges and composed a work for keyboards and drumset which was premiered in a live streaming concert from Kultur Kreuz Nidau (CH) on June 4th 2020 and recorded on our first vinyl album “Indigne de nous” (Everest Records).

We decided to develop the project by imagining an original show gathering Alex Paxton‘s work as well as 5 other premieres of the contest’s participants – Asia Ahmetjanova, Mathis Saunier, Luca Musy, Colin Alexander and Sawyer Adler – whose proposals particularly caught our attention, considering their originality and their dynamics being in total cohesion with the electric and crazy spirit of our duo.

This working process was filmed by director Emmanuel Vion-Dury who developed a conceptual film in several parts, which are projected in dialogue with the live music. Inspired by the atmosphere of the compositions, the artists’ words and the venue where the works were developed, the video of the show will capture the essence of this project: composition through a collaborative laboratory of sound and art.

The HYPER STUCK tour is planned from August 2022 – check all concert dates HERE