As a trio formation with percussionist Miguel Angel Garcia Martin, HYPER TEMPER is a concert program that pushes the limits of the grand piano, wrapped in a scenography of mirrors created especially for the occasion, and aiming to amplify and play with the different viewing angles on the instrument.

This concert program includes existing pieces by Elena Rykova and Simon Steen-Andersen, a new version of Cathy van Eck‘s “pièce d’ameublement”, as well as new commissionned works by Manuel Troller, Gilles Grimaitre and Julien Mégroz. This project is a work-in-progress. We spent a first residence week at Usinesonore in Biel/Bienne in March 2021.

As a first step, we produced a documentary film presenting the artistic approach and some extracts of the works, as well as a video recording of “Rerendered”. You can watch both videos down here:

Special thanks to Usinesonore, as well as Cathy van Eck and Simon Steen-Andersen for the interviews.

PROGRAM details

Simon Steen-Andersen (1976* DK) – Rerendered (2003-4)

Elena Rykova (1991* RUS) – 101% mind uploading (2015)

Manuel Troller (1986* CH) – new piece (2021, commissioned by HYPER DUO)

Cathy van Eck (1979* BE/PB) – Pièce d’ameublement (2011-2021)

Julien Mégroz (1986* CH) – Interludes miroitées(2021, commissioned by HYPER DUO)

Gilles Grimaitre (1988* CH) – new piece (2021, commissioned by HYPER DUO)