HYPER HEIMAT is an experimental research project that takes as its starting point the work “Heimat II” by Swiss composer Wolfgang Heiniger. Commissioned in 2019 and premiered during several concert tours, “Heimat II” was recorded during their last studio session in the summer of 2020 which resulted in the production of HYPER DUO’s debut album “Indigne de nous”, released on Everest Records in June 2021. Yet, the duo decided not to release “Heimat II” on the album; instead, the work was subject to a new experimentation: five sound artists (Annie Aries, Asia Ahmetjanova, Cyrill Lim, as well as HYPER DUO) created remixes/reinterpretations of the original recording.

These new sound creations – released as a concept album in January 2021 in digital format by the British label October House Records – will serve as raw material for the in-depth development of a performative concept imagined by HYPER DUO in collaboration with the French composer Léo Collin and the Swiss sound artist Cyrill Lim, during an intensive work residency. The artistic team will explore the creative possibilities of such an approach by imagining an artistic object dealing with “Heimat”, a German notion defining a universal feeling that is both widespread and volatile, which has no equivalent in French.

The final outcome of this residency is deliberately indefinite, but the artistic approach of this project is aimed at long-term development. It may take the form of a concert, a performance, a documentary, an installation, a video or all of these formats at the same time. The artists are keen to retain freedom of form, to give maximum freedom to their creative spirit, while retaining great flexibility in the development of the creation.

The result of this unique experiment will be unveiled at the public presentation on friday 5 August 2022 at L’Usine Sonore in Biel/Bienne CH at 6pm.