CD (digital – online) – released on 28.01.22 on October House Records

with music by Wolfgang Heiniger, Asia Ahmetjanova, Annie Aries, Gilles Grimaitre, Julien Mégroz and Cyrill Lim


The album HYPER HEIMAT records the first step of an experimental research project by the Swiss ensemble HYPER DUO, which takes as its starting point a studio recording of the work “Heimat II” by the Berlin-based Swiss composer Wolfgang Heiniger. Commissioned in 2019 and premiered during several concert tours, “Heimat II” was recorded during the studio session in the summer of 2020 that led to the production of HYPER DUO’s debut album « Indigne de nous », released on Everest Records in June 2021. However, the duo voluntarily decided not to release “Heimat II” on the album. Instead, this work was the subject of an unprecedented experiment: a series of remixes created by various sound artists from all walks of life with the aim of exploring the creative possibilities of such an approach to the maximum. Subsequently, these sound creations will serve as raw material for the development of a performative concept imagined in collaboration with the French composer Léo Collin and the Swiss sound artist Cyrill Lim, around the German term “Heimat”, a notion defining a universal feeling that is both widespread and volatile, which has no real equivalent in French, the duo’s mother tongue, or even in English. The project aims not only to cross the boundaries of musical styles and connect with sound artists from different backgrounds who share a passion for contemporary creation, but also to experiment with new performance concepts in the long term and to develop flexible artistic tools that can adapt to an unstable health situation. HYPER HEIMAT is one of the projects supported by the Impuls Neue Musik platform.

  • 1. Heimat II remix (Annie Aries) – 05:20
  • 2. Heimat II – 10:43
  • 3. Heimat II remix (Gilles Grimaitre) – 10:08
  • 4. Heimat II remix (Asia Ahmetjanova) – 05:47
  • 5. Heimat II remix (Julien Mégroz) – 09:37
  • 6. Heimat II remix (Cyrill Lim) – 05:48

Heimat II – composed by Wolfgang Heiniger, played by HYPER DUO
recorded by Cyrill Lim in Gasthaus Grünenwald Engelberg in July 2020, produced by HYPER DUO & Cyrill Lim
Heimat II mixed and mastered by Cyrill Lim, tracks 1, 3, 4, 5 & 6 mastered by Peter Beckmann