HYPER GRID is a project which presents two new major commissioned pieces, for amplified piano, drumset and electronics. This project follows our last productions HYPER FUZZ and HYPER CUT, in which we focused more and more on long term collaboration with composers and developing our favorite instrumental set (drumset and electronic piano/synthesizers) through a powerful and electric performance which can always be considered to be played in concert hall as well as in jazz or rock clubs, for exemple. The impact of new music in other contexts in one of our main artistic principles.

We got the chance to get in touch with serbian composer Marko Nikodijevic, whose piece « grid/index [ I ] » was never finished. Marko is very pleased to finally get the chance to finish this project and we’re very happy that he wants to dedicate it to the HYPER DUO. On the other side, we asked the young swiss composer Kevin Juillerat, from Lausanne, to complete the programme with another long work. He musical language tends more and more to approach new music with a powerful rhythmic and electric character, without forgetting keyword like intelligence and poetry.


Kevin Juillerat (CH 1986*) – l’Être-On (mini-oratorio en duo) (UA 2021) – 28’ – for drumset, amplified piano, voices and effect-pedals

Marko Nikodijevic (SB/DE 1980*)  – grid/index [ I ] (UA 2021) – 25’ – for drumset, amplified piano and live-electronics


Gilles Grimaître – piano, voice and effect-pedals

Julien Mégroz – drumset, voice and effect-pedals

Maxime Le Saux – Sounddesign

Marko Nikodijevic – live electronics (in « grid/index [ I ] »)

Premiered @ Gare du nord in Basel on the 2nd of June 2021.

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